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Check Your Intelligence By Solving The Puzzles

  • Size 6.5MB
  • Version 11.0.6.f
  • Package com.icenta.sudoku.ui
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  • Requirment Android 9.0+
  • Category Puzzle
  • Added 2023-11-25

All About Sudoku

Sudoku has gained lots of craze among the people since long time. The word Sudoku means single number in an allotted place in Japanese.It is a puzzle game which is specially designed for a single player. However, it is more like a crossword puzzle.

In the Sudoku, there is a puzzle, and there are little boxes which are known as cells. In the Sudoku, they are stacked in nine high and nine wide, which is 81 cells in total.

Features Of Sudoku

In the Sudoku for android, whenever the player clicks the new button, always there will be a new puzzle.

The program does not play favorites with numbers and patterns, the way a human setter tends to do. There's no predictable, repetitive style.

The Sudoku is fully unique because every puzzle is different. First of all the first person have to set eyes on each puzzle.

The Sudoku puzzle is fully Original and exciting because each of the puzzles is built in a unique style. The program does not copy puzzles from the preset library of puzzles.

Why Should People Play Sudoku?

Sudoku is a great game. It helps to keep the brain healthy. Moreover, Sudoku is a fun puzzle game that can be played anytime anywhere. Sudoku game can be played children, adults and senior citizens. Parents can sit with their kids, and they can help how to fill in the spaces on the grid, teaching relevant problem-solving skills. There are unique Sudoku games designed for kids. People can easily download Sudoku for free from the Google Play Store and now it is also available in other platforms.


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