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My Talking Tom for Android

by: Outfit7 Limited

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  • Size 129.8MB
  • Version
  • Package com.outfit7.mytalkingtomfree
  • Developer Outfit7 Limited
  • Requirment Android 5.0+
  • Category Casual
  • Added 2023-11-25

All About My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom is an entertainment game developed to form a virtual world of a pet Cat called Tom. This is the 14th edition of the Talking Tom Games series that people install in their phone for fun and entertainment. My Talking Tom is similar to any other 2-D game that you play to customize a pet like you want. You can customize the kitten called tom, make him dress the way you want, feed him the food you like. The best part of the my talking tom starts when a synthesized voice from Tom’s end repeats back a sentence that you say in your phone. You just need to say a word in your phone when the game is on, Tom will repeat the same in a cute voice back from your phone.

My Talking Tom has a full store of dresses, food items, shoes and other items for you to choose for Tom. You can select from the list and go on customizing. You can the background of Tom if you like. Tom has a different virtual world of his own this game and you are invited to play in that virtual world. Your virtual Pet Tom is meant for your entertainment and pampering.

Features Of My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom had been one of the favourite games for children and school students since its launch in the market. The reasons for being so popular are:

1. The My Talking Tom Game is downloadable from the AppDodo.Com on your mobile at free of cost. There is no yearly subscription required when you use the My Talking tom.

2. Playing my talking tom is very simple and easy and doesn’t involve any high technology. So anyone can play this game. It is meant for various age groups of people.

3. You can customize your virtual pet in different ways you like to do it.

4. My Talking Tom has got an option to make a wish list for you. You can put in your wish of customization in the list. Keep your choice of dresses, background and other options selected in your wish list to apply on the virtual kitten.

5. The store inside my talking tom has got an updated set of accessories and latest fashionable dresses for your virtual pet.

6. One can get an interactive session while using the My Talking Tom game. Your pet replies back once you speak in front of him.

How to play the My Talking Tom Game?

When you plan to have an interactive fun game in your phone, it’s definitely the My Talking Tom that your will love to keep. It’s entertaining for any age group. The ways to use my talking tom game are:

1. Install the My Talking Tom game on your android from

2. Once the my talking tom is stored in your phone open the game and select the play mode.

3. My talking tom contains the cute virtual kitten called Tom waiting for you to pamper.

4. You as a player or user is supposed to grow Tom from Kitten to cat by interaction like feeding, dressing and talking

5. Make a Wish list of the items that you want to give your Tom

5. Interacting with Tom is very interesting. Tom has the capability of repeating words after you say them for around 25 seconds, keeping a maximum distance of 10 meters from your phone.

6. Tom always repeats back what you say in front of him in a synthesized voice.

7. My Talking Tom likes to be pampered and gives a reaction when you pet him.


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