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8.0.43 for Android

by: WeChat International Pte. Ltd.

For The Best Communication Experience- Use The Wechat App

  • Size 252.2MB
  • Version 8.0.43
  • Package com.tencent.mm
  • Developer WeChat International Pte. Ltd.
  • Requirment Android 6.0+
  • Category Communication
  • Added 2023-11-25

All About WeChat

This is an age of internet, technology and various other digitalized products. Nowadays, we do not have to call to communicate. We have various chat applications easily downloadable in our phones. One of the best among these is of course WeChat. WeChat is one communication application that people are very much aware of. This has few of the best features that people can come across with.

One can of course chat with their near and dear ones even if they are miles apart from them. Also people can quite make sure that they can get through with important business and corporate calls on this as well.

There are various features of wechat that makes it perfect for use of course. People are definitely attracted to it thus.

Features of WeChat:

Following are the various features of WeChat:

1. User Friendly: This is of course one very important point that people must know of. Wechat is quite user-friendly. This is absolutely why, one must try it without any problem. Accessing through wechat doesn’t need much experience. One can start off immediately after download.

2. Easy contacts update: This is another great feature about WeChat. They easily surf through the contact details and update them. Therefore one doesn’t have to search for their friends on WeChat separately. They will of course get the update if they have their friends on WeChat.

3. Easy invitation: If a person thinks of inviting their friends here, then they can of course do the same without much problem at all. They can send easy invites here. There is an option available that will help them do so.

4. Connecting with people: This is no wonder one very best advantage of WeChat. People can keep up with their family and friends without much problem at all. All they have to do is make sure that they are using the chat option. They can of course send voice messages as well.

5. Discover friends: Now one can easily discover their friends, if anyone is nearby them. They can of course come to know about their friends’ whereabouts and this will give them an opportunity to let them know that they are nearby as well.

How to use WeChat?

Using wechat is more than simple. A person will have to ensure that they are connected to the internet connection though. After that, they have to log into their account with their set password and mobile number.

There are various options for various things available. People can use the “Discover” option if they want to know where their near ones are. Also, people can ensure that they can shake the phone to let others know about their presence.

Also, with the chat option available, they can chat with their near ones. They have to select the “Chat” option and then they have to select the name of their friends that they would like to talk to. They can also send voice messages of they like. All they have to do is press and hold on to the voice symbol until they record their message. Once done, they can send it.

People can also invite their friends in WeChat. They can search from the updated contact list and send requests to people who are not on WeChat. This way they will even get to know about WeChat and that one of their friends is on it.

Installing wechat is also not very difficult. It is easily available at Appdodo. One can very easily get through with this application. Then they can press the install button to install this application.

For smooth and easy communication one must try using WeChat. This will help them in various ways.


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