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Virus Cleaner for Android

by: Hi Security Lab (Antivirus, AppLock & VPN Free)

Keep Your Phone Absolutely Safe With The Virus Cleaner App!

  • Size 23.0MB
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  • Package com.ehawk.antivirus.applock.wifi
  • Developer Hi Security Lab (Antivirus, AppLock & VPN Free)
  • Requirment Android 4.1+
  • Category Tools
  • Added 2023-04-07

All About Virus Cleaner

Nowadays almost all the work is done through our mobile phones. Starting from playing different games to entertain ourselves. To sending the important work mail, all can be done with the help of a mobile phone. This is absolutely why these phones are stores to many important data, documents, files, pictures and videos.

It is apparently why humans are so concerned about their safety. And this is exactly why the Virus Cleaner app is quite of a boon to the people. This application provides with enormous results when it comes to protection of the phones completely.

It has so many interesting features that one can hardly imagine of the same.

Features of Virus Cleaner:

Following are the various features of this application:

Great antivirus: This Virus Cleaner application has a double engine anti-virus of course. It is simply genius in every way possible. It doesn’t only protect the phone from the various viruses but also makes sure that these are removed from the phones completely. It actually assures double security in the process.

Call blocking: This is another important feature that the people must be aware of. If a person feels quite disturbed from receiving calls from certain people then they can definitely opt for the call blocking feature of this phone. It is great and ascertains that no one has to deal with disturbing calls.

Browsing safe: This feature keeps the phones from getting infected while using the internet. Danger is one thing that most people may have to deal with while on the net on their phones. It is absolutely why people must use this application.

Wi-Fi security: This is a complete necessity for many people. Most often their Wi-Fi passwords are easily hacked. But then again with this application in their phone, one doesn’t need to worry about the same anymore.

Privacy cleaning: This is definitely the best feature of this Virus Cleaner application. It helps people in making sure that their privacy is taken care of. It helps in cleaning the browsing history very easily. This is definitely one of the most important features available.

Locking the application: This helps in making sure that all the important Virus Cleaner applications can be put under a lock. No one can access them without any permission and this is absolutely what the people will get benefited from.

Boosting the phones: This is apparently another problem with the phones. There are many phones that lose their batteries faster because of the number of applications and their utility in the phones. It is apparently why the phones get slower than usual. The phone boost can help the phone regain the speed no doubt.

Scanning the file: This is practically the best advantage. Each and every files are scrutinized for viruses. This ensures the protection of these files in the best way as well.

Free:This application, despite of so many features is available for free. As a result it is one of the best that people must use also.

Great accessibility: People who are still young to the concept of technology can really use this Virus Cleaner application for themselves. It ensures of easy and safe accessibility.

How to use this application?

Using this Virus Cleaner application is really very easy. People can definitely download and run it. All the options are quite detailed and spread on the page. They just have to choose the most appropriate option for themselves.


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