UC Mini app apk download

UC Mini for Android

by: UCWeb Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Fast, Smooth, light weight mobile browser

  • Size 52.2MB
  • Version
  • Package com.uc.browser.en
  • Developer UCWeb Singapore Pte. Ltd.
  • Requirment Android 4.4+
  • Category Communication
  • Added 2023-04-07

All About UC Mini

UC browser mini also known as UC Mini is the lighter version of the popular UC browser which comes in a small package and provide more faster browsing experience along with low data consumption. UC Browser is one of the most commonly known web browser and search engine at the moment for smartphones. Maximum of the smartphone users prefer to use UC Browser in place of the normal Google or internet explorer now for some reasons such as faster browsing and others.

UCweb Inc. developed UC Mini browser, despite its various qualities, was facing drawbacks in the presence of other browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and others. So, to provide a much better experience of the browser, you can now download UC Mini on your smartphone from here.

UC Mini Features:

UC Mini is almost the same as the traditional UC browser, but with the exception that it is much lighter and much flexible now so that it can be compatible even with the simplest of smartphone devices.

Apart from its flexibility, there are many other features of UC Browser Mini listed below.

Small Size: UC Mini is flexible and compatible with almost all the smartphone devices because of its small size. But don’t go by the size of the file, it still has some features in its bouquet so that you can enjoy an experience that is worth the experiment.

Ease of Navigation: UC Mini for Android, like its larger version display both local as well as international results in various categories such as sports, movies, politics and many others. The points or cards to navigate through the categories are easy to access, and hence you can navigate through the pages in a single click or a single touch of your finger.

Faster Browsing: If you have used other browsers such as Firefox of Chrome on your smartphone, then you will surely feel the difference of using UC Mini. Browsing is quite fast, and hence it is just within the blink of eyes that you get results in front of you. It not only saves your time but also it saves your data usage. Thus, in the case of a faster browsing experience and that also by consuming a limited amount of your device internet data, then this can be the application that you should install on your device. Apart from having a smart browsing, the application also offers the feature of safe browsing. The feature of Ignito browsing allows you to protect your privacy and hence you can enjoy browsing that is not only fast, uninterrupted and also safe regarding your privacy.

Smart Download: Browsing can still be done through various means, but the most crucial thing is about downloading any file. UC Mini offers a smart downloading feature where you can opt to choose from about where you wish to get the file downloaded. Along with downloading the file on your device, the application also offers you the option of downloading the file in the cloud. Also, you will be able to download many files together at the same time as the application features multiple background option too.

Control by Gestures: Not just browsing content and downloading files are the only features that you can enjoy in the application. You can also easily go ahead with online streaming of the videos and enjoy them. Again a great feature that the app offers is that you can control the elements of the videos through different gestures. You just need to check a bit in the settings of the applications to set the gestures, and then you will be able to control the elements such as the volume of the video or many others through different gestures.

Night Mode: Another amazing feature of UC Mini is its night mode. During day time, of course, you can read all the contents and browse comfortably through the results. But the problem may happen in the dark. In low light, going through the contents become difficult, but this problem is also very well settled out by the application. It has an amazing feature of night mode that allows the users to browse comfortably and go through the contents of the page easily even in the dark.

Free Cloud Storage:This is one of most loved feature of UC Mini as low storage is primary issue for almost all smartphone user, To overcome this situation users are provided with 6 GB free storage. Cloud storage requires to login with UC cloud storage account to keep your account secure. Apart from this this storage is further divided in two categories namely Temporary and Permanent storage, Temporary storage comprises of 4 GB disk space and permanent is allotted with 2GB disk space.

Block Annoying Pop-ups:For those who don’t know about pop-ups, Pop-ups are most annoying ad format used by most of the websites. These ads forcefully opens new browser window loaded with some of vulnerable ads, that can easily harm your device. These ads need to be blocked but unfortunately most of the mobile browser lack this feature unless or until you are using UC Mini browser. You can easily block pop-ups by simply triggering pop-up blocker button in settings menu, Other than this you can also include and exclude websites from this features by creating simple list of url’s to exclude.

Other Features: The above mentioned are some of the major features of the application. Apart from these major features, there are many more that can be explored and discussed. Though again naming them all is a difficult task, still some of the other features of the application UC Browser Mini are QR code, cloud download, free disk, text-only browsing, save the page, full screen, check network and data usage and many others.

Why Should You Use UC Browser Mini ?

UC Browser Mini is the mobile browser that is introduced in China, and the application now holds about two third of the market of World. At present, the browser is known to have as many as 100 million users on a daily basis and even more. It is growing quite fast and has crossed boundaries to provide a straight competition to many other browsers such as Opera Mini and others.

With the introduction of the application after the browser, it has gone through many updates that have changed the look of the application and has made it look customized and attractive. Thus, it is not just lightweight and full of features but also is quite attractive to be installed on your device.

There are other many benefits apart from the features mentioned above, because of which many of the users now rely on this particular browsing application. The application is compatible even with the simplest of the smartphone as it needs Android 2.2 to get installed on a device. Also, you do not even need a 3G internet connection to browse through this browser. UC Mini helps you to browse through the information by consuming 2G data, and hence it saves a lot of cost regarding data usage too.

Downloading and Installing UC Mini browser on android

Follow the below listed steps to perform a clean install in most easy way:

1. Tap the download button on top of this page and it will start downloading the apk file instantly.

2. After you have downloaded the uc-mini.apk, then click the the .apk to start the installation process, It will ask you to give permission to allow installation from unknown sources.

3. Just Trigger it on in settings and your installation will begin that might take few minutes to complete.

4. Now you are ready to go with the UC Mini browser to experience seamless browsing with low data usage.


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