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5.2.3 for Android

by: Ookla

Test Your Bandwidth On The Go!

  • Size 37.3MB
  • Version 5.2.3
  • Package org.zwanoo.android.speedtest
  • Developer Ookla
  • Requirment Android 6.0+
  • Category Tools
  • Added 2023-11-25

All About Speedtest

An old favourite among the utility apps that help you to determine your internet download, response and upload speed, is Speed Test. This time and tested app has won the heart of Android users all over the world, with its user-friendly interface and one-tap ease facilities. The application will help you to test the rate and response time of your device in regards to your bandwidth. While the testing process is going on, it will keep updating you regarding the speed with the help of real time displays. This simple and easy to use app is great for accurate results.

Features Of The Speed Test Application

The Speed Test download is a very easy process. You can go ahead and visit their site, to get the download link. Once you have downloaded the Speed Test app, it is quite self explanatory. The fun interface is very easy and interesting to work with. Here are some of the features of Speed Test that should help you to make a choice.

Simple One Tap Button
The Speed Test application is very easy to use. Once it is installed on your device, you just need to tab a single button to start the test. They app will be doing all the work on its own and display the results on a real time basis.

Speedometer Like Display
This Speed Test app has one of the most interesting displays among the tools of this field. It has a common speed-o-meter built in on the interface itself. The best thing about this is that you will be able to read the results of the test while the test is going on. It also makes for a very interesting read. The speedometer tracks the different changes and makes it easy for the users to understand the change points.

Improving Accuracy With Higher Locations
The testing locations are set all over the globe. This means that you will be able to compare your speed with many different locations, thus increasing the accuracy of the results. The Speed Test app makes a conscious effort to provide you with a very comprehensive result that will help you compare among the service providers available for you.

Easy To Read Interface
The interface is very easy to understand and read. You should have no problem in understanding the results that are being showed by the Speed Test app. The upload and the download speeds will be separately shown on the screen.

Statistics Can Be Read In Preferred Units
One of the most interesting features of this Speed Test app is that you can choose the unit in which you want to see the results. You can check your results in the unit that is preferred by you. The units you can choose from are – one kilobit per second, one megabit per second and one gigabit per second.

Improved Global Stats
Since they pick up the closest test point near you, with the vast number of global test points, you are sure to get very accurate results. The improved global statistics is one of the main features of their recent upgrade.

Statistics Can Be Easily Shared
They give you the option to share your statistics via mail or social media sites. You can either choose to share each individual test results separately or share all the test results that you have accumulated since you installed the Speed Test app.

Unlimited On The Go Action
Since this is compatible on phones, you can easily use this Speed Test app while travelling, in case you need to check the bandwidth speed while on the go.

Available For Most Mobile Platform
This app is compatible with most of the popular mobile platforms.

Why Should You Use Speed Test?

If you have to choose one bandwidth tester, this is highly recommended. With its speedometers design and other important data displayed right on the screen, it makes for a very functional and well-built site. The personalized graphics generated by the Speed Test app is very easily to share and thus making it easy for you to compare with your friends. Since they display the results of the previous checks, you can compare the results as well. All in all, there is very little not to like about this Speed Test app. With its very friendly interface, high speed comebacks and powerful tools, this is definitely one of the best testing apps for Android users. Two of the main reasons to use this application are:

Test Cellular Performance
Are you worried that you are not getting the speed promised by your service provider? The internet is one of the basic necessities of life these days as it gets very difficult to function without it. It is important to check your internet speed, so that you are sure that you do not get behind in today’s rat race. So it is very important to choose a speed Test app that will help you to gain access to such speed Tests. When it comes to checking your internet speed, on the go, is the ideal option for you. Speed Test for android is the most commonly used test app, with nearly 50 million speed Test run over the span of a month.

Supports Wi-Fi Too!
One of the best things about this application is that you can check your Wi-Fi speed with the help of Speed Test. When you are connected to the Wi-Fi, you can run this test to check the speed on the Wi-Fi. In case there are a few options available, this test is the best way to choose the one that will give you the fastest connection. You should have no problem in connecting to a good Wi-Fi after you have downloaded this app.This all in one Speed Test app with help you to test your bandwidth and get the fastest test services –even while you are on the go. With its smart interface, fast testing time and accurate results, this is definitely the one stop app for all android users. So before you go over and try choosing a tester among the mountain of sites, make sure that you use this Speed Test app once to get the best results, very easily!


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