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  • Version 11.25.0
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  • Developer Pinterest
  • Requirment Android 7.0+
  • Category Lifestyle
  • Added 2023-07-18

All About Pinterest

Pinterest contributes to being a mobile and web application which operates a photo sharing website. This application lets users share in a visual way and discover new interests by posting videos, images to different boards. You can also browse what other users have pinned with the aid of this application.

Features of Pinterest

Sending pins to friends
You can make use of the send button in order to share a pin with facebook friends, Pinterest users or email contacts.

Duplicate Pin Notification
This will really be helpful for you in case you are managing multiple accounts, boards, brands. You can forget which photo you have already pinned to someone. In lieu of opening another tab and searching via the previous pans, Pinterest will let you know if you have already pinned the specific photo.

Analytics is one of the effective features of Pinterest which let owners of websites track the number of pins and pinners collecting material from web pages. It also aids in tracking repins and repinners of those pins. A total number of reaches, impression and referral traffic can be measured and displayed at ease with the aid of analytics. This can be beneficial for web marketers.

Friend Mentions, mobile notifications, and suggested search terms

In case you love pinning from cell phones, Pinterest aids in upgrading mobile features for an inclusion of push notifications so that you can track while commenting or repining which is beneficial in case you are going to manage the pages in real time. In addition to this, you can recommend suggested search term feature which is found normally on the web version.

Group board settings
In case you are the owner of the group board, you need to ensure that you are keeping tabs on what the pinners are going to pin on that board. In case you neglect the group board activity, you may look like spam. There will be increased chances of irrelevant content pinning which will result in losing followers. You can look into the group board settings and take a decision on which board you are willing to receive email notifications from and when someone is pinning on the board. This feature is beneficial in case you are gathering market intelligence.

Cinematic Pins
Cinematic Pins is one of the key video features of Pinterest. They are activated with the aid of scrolling. They look similar to GIFs. It is used for the promotion of promoted pins.

Why you should use Pinterest?

There are several reasons owing to which you should use Pinterest which are enlisted below:

Engage with users at ease
Pinterest is recognized to be the 6th major social networking application. This application assists in engaging with users at ease owing to which people consider using this application on an extensive scale.

Building traffic and visual links
Pinterest is useful in the creation of links to the page from which you were sourcing the images. It is possible to acquire one of the alluring links. You can also build traffic in no time with the use of this application.

Allure US customers in no time
This application is really beneficial in case you want US traffic for your business.


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