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Parallel Space

4.0.9374 for Android

by: LBE Tech

Optimize social networking and enjoy the maximum gaming entertainment with Parallel Space

  • Size 17.7MB
  • Version 4.0.9374
  • Package com.lbe.parallel.intl
  • Developer LBE Tech
  • Requirment Android 9.0+
  • Category Personalization
  • Added 2023-07-18

All About Parallel Space

Parallel Space happens to be an application that enables the users to manage 2 different user accounts of any application, installed on his/her Android Device. Using this app, users can create 2 different accounts on social networking sites like INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK or gaming websites like Candy Crush Saga and Clash of the cans, to give an instance. Hence, it will be right to say that this application enables the users to relish more enjoyment from playing games as well as socialize to a greater extent, using multiple accounts, from the same device.

Features of Parallel Space

The part of Parallel Space that will win your heart at the first impression is its simplicity. Hence, this app is perfect to be used by users of all competencies. Basically, this an app that can develop pa virtual space, totally independent as well as separated from the device. It allows the user the chance to run other applications inside. This way, users get into a position, wherein, users can utilize the same application on the device, twice, one running on the device and the other keeps running on the virtual space that this app creates.

Another feature of Parallel Space that has impressed the technical experts as well as the mass is that the app takes the minimum memory space on the device, which is just to the extent of 2MB. In addition, this app functions independent of root privileges and hence, it is compatible to function smoothly on all types of Android Devices. But, the app requests for permission in excessively greater extent as it needs them for each application, running on it.

As this app enables the users to use several accounts for the same application at the same time at one device, users find this app to be highly interesting. This feature comes especially supportive for social networking as well as playing games online.

Users and experts have rated Parallel Space as the most delightful app of the year. The last year went especially well for apps, and in that list, Parallel Space has made its name. This Free Android app is compatible to work on Android Devices of version 4. 0.3 and higher. The app is available in more than 18 international Languages, including English. This app features a size of 5.61 MB and offers 100% safety and security to the users. This is one of the major reasons that you can account beyond the massive popularity of this app.

Why Use Parallel Space?

The review of this app comes exceptionally positive, and it establishes the reasons for which the app has made its name in the list of the top apps. Following are the key points that the users love about Parallel Space:

  • Offers 100% safety and security.
  • Takes the minimum space on the device.
  • Available in 18 international languages.
  • Works on all types of Android Devices.
  • Extremely user-friendly.
  • Consumes the minimum power and hence, you will not face the troubles of fast power drainage.
  • You can download this app for free.

The points stated above why Parallel Space has won the trust, confidence, and love of the general users as well as the experts. Embrace this interesting app to take the social networking to the greatest extent and relish the maximum gaming entertainment.


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