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Microsoft Office Mobile

16.0.16827.20138 for Android

by: Microsoft Corporation

Work now made easy with a mobile app

  • Size 130.0MB
  • Version 16.0.16827.20138
  • Package
  • Developer Microsoft Corporation
  • Requirment Everyone
  • Category Productivity
  • Added 2023-11-25

All About Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft office mobile is an app released by Microsoft corporation.Using Microsoft office mobile you can now access, view and edit your documents in word, excel and PowerPoint from anywhere using your smartphones. Microsoft office mobile has a good reputation in the app market. It increases productivity and is one of the best apps for viewing and editing documents.

Amazing features of Microsoft office mobile

It supports charts, animation, graphics, and shapes, so the documents look original on your smartphone.

Create new word documents, excel sheets and PowerPoint presentations using your smartphones.

Automatically resume reading documents from where you left off, even if you last viewed them on your computer.

Using cloud access office documents that are stored on your computer on your smartphone.

The slide navigator in PowerPoint lets you go through slides quickly.

The word, excel and PowerPoint files are optimized to fit the smartphone screen.

Create quick documents and share them through your phone. View comments on documents and review them.

View and edit documents attached in email messages.

Make quick edits to old documents easily.

The formats and the contents of the documents remain the same when accessed through phone or computer.

The app is updated constantly and new features are included.

It performs smoothly and is quick and reliable.

Sign in with a Microsoft account to work on your documents from home.Subscribe to office 365 and unlock more features for business use.

Why use Microsoft office mobile?

Microsoft office mobile is an all in all app that allows you to access word, excel, and presentations using a single file. The files are optimized for your smartphones and the contents remain intact. Easily access documents virtually from anywhere. Create new documents while traveling and save time. It has powerful tools with a user-friendly interface.


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