InstaBeauty app apk download


5.0.9 for Android

by: Fotoable,Inc.

Instantly beautify yourself

  • Size 40.2MB
  • Version 5.0.9
  • Package com.fotoable.fotobeauty
  • Developer Fotoable,Inc.
  • Requirment Android 4.1+
  • Category Photography
  • Added 2023-04-07

All About InstaBeauty

Instabeauty has many filters and makeup tools to create a flawless picture and selfies. It is professionally created with various tools and is specially designed for users who love to take selfies. It has numerous filters, effects, styles, emoticons, stickers and many other tools. Various makeup tools like blush, lipsticks, eyebrow tools are available in various colors.

Features of Instabeauty

Makeup: Instabeauty allows the user to give a professional makeup look to the pictures. The users can change the shape of the eyebrows, apply makeup for the lips and cheeks and whiten teeth. This app allows to users to smoothen skin, set a skin tone and remove blemishes. This allows the user to remove pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and acnes.These features help the user to take flawless selfies.

Camera: The instabeauty allows the users to directly take pictures of their favorite filters that are present on the instabeauty camera. The intensity of the filters can be adjusted. There are more than 10 filters and a unique big eye filter specially designed for selfies.

Collage: The instabeauty has an inbuilt collage maker that allows the user to create collages of various styles which come in square, landscape and stripes mode. New collage styles are constantly added which can be downloaded easily from the collage library.

Video: Apart from editing photos, the insta beauty app allows the user to edit and beautify videos. The videos can be enhanced and various filters can be applied to the videos.

Why use Instabeauty?

Instabeauty is one of the best selfie apps and has various users globally. It is a professional makeup and selfie editor app and has over 100 styles of makeup. Apart from editing photos the users can record videos and create collages using the same app. It is easy to use and share on various social sites.


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