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Google Translate for Android

by: Google LLC

Language Translation Made Easy With Google Translate App

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  • Requirment Android 8.0+
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  • Added 2023-11-25

All About Google Translate

Google Translate is a common application that people use for doing regular work. Google Translate app for Android is a free app from Appdodo, mostly pre-installed in the phone. IF you are reading a book or doing any other job and facing a language barrier, then Google Translate can give an English translated version of the word where you face difficulty.

When you run Google Translate online in your phone you can have an access to around 103 different languages. You just need to type in or copy paste the words in other language and click on the option for translation. It is a matter of a fraction of a second and you have the translated word in your screen. If you are into any offline work and face difficulty, then also the app works offline and provides you access to around 52 languages. This makes this app even more preferred as you can operate it offline. No matter where you are or if you have no access to internet, Google Translate can always be beneficial for you. It’s not only translation by typing a word; this app provides superior technological support of translating a word with Camera. You have access to 39 languages when you use a camera to click a photo of any word and get it translated.

Google Translate is not meant for one-time translation. You can simply translate any word and mark it as saved for any reference in future. Name any language and you have it in the store of this app. Even a special simplified version of certain languages like Chinese is present in the app along with the traditional one.

Features of Google Translate Application:

The features of Google Translate App is so helpful, no wonder millions of Android users are installing this app on their phones. The important features involved to make the application famous are –

It is a 100% free app and at times it is pre installed in your Android phones. It is an easily available on your mobile Appdodo.

Have access to over 105 languages from different places of the word for easy translation when working in an online mode.

When using offline, the app allows translation in 52 languages.

The best feature of this app is the option to translate any word with a photograph. Click a photo in camera to translate instead of typing the word. This mode is operational in 30 languages.

The app allows having a conversation with instant translation in 32 different languages.

The app is developed to recognize handwritings in 92 various languages. So you can ask for translation with drawn characters instead of typing.

Save a phrasebook of translated words to use a dictionary for any use in future.

The app stores various languages and certain difficult language in both original and simplified version like that of Chinese.

Google Translate app seeks user permission to have an access to your camera, microphone or sms service.

Translation is possible by voice recording with the help of a microphone.

How to use the Google Translate Application:

Simply download the app and save it in your external drive. This helps you to operate even if you are offline. Give permission access to the app to work smoothly.


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