Facebook Lite app apk download

Facebook Lite

352. for Android

by: Meta Platforms, Inc.

Your old favourite Facebook now more functional and more faster

  • Size 2.0MB
  • Version 352.
  • Package com.facebook.lite
  • Developer Meta Platforms, Inc.
  • Requirment Android 8.0+
  • Category Social
  • Added 2023-04-30

All About Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite was launched in the year 2015 by Mark Zuckerberg and the team. The app is a version from the giant social network, which suits the issue of having low internet connectivity or a lower version of the android phone.

Facebook Lite app designed by the Facebook team is in reply to issues of internet connectivity and for areas or geographical locations, where running the original Facebook application is a bit irritating.

Features Of Facebook Lite App:

Facebook Lite app comes along with these many features:

1. Facebook Lite app is a lower version of the original Facebook app, which means it takes up lower data.

2. The app takes download space of lower than 1 MB, and when loaded on your device, it takes no more than 2.82 MB. As the name suggests, the app is lighter on your mobile data compared to the heavy original Facebook app.

3. Facebook Lite app has an inbuilt messenger option, which means, it is an option for the heavy data user of combo Facebook and messenger apps.

4. The app does not preload the images which you would like to see, instead, it gives an option to upload an image which you would like to see, and downloads it at a lower resolution, thus, consuming less amount of data, which is an alternative to the heavy data user that is Facebook app.

5. Facebook Lite has shrunk the browser option, which you may otherwise opt out in the bigger Facebook app version.

6. It’s not just wrapper of Facebook app, it’s just redesigned app. It comes with different user interface experience, and lets you enjoy the features of Facebook, and that too at lower data usage.


All in all, Facebook lite is an interesting and intelligent alternative to the original Facebook app, which allows you to have all Facebook experience and that too at lower data usage. So, enjoy Facebook lite, at locations where internet connectivity is an issue for you.


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